NEWS 05/11/2018

The new service areas "Autogrill Più" realized by Soleneon!

Autogrill, the world's largest food service company, has realized Autogrill Più, a new concept aimed to satisfy different needs and dietary habits of its costumers.

Consequently, you can now enjoy long breaks and plentiful food at the Comfort Area; instead, if you are in a hurry and you prefer an easy meal, the Fast Area is now ready to offer you takeaway meals in the very same service area.

Thanks to the employment of different interior designs, the Comfort Area and the Fast Area are easily discernible, but they both guarantee high-quality products and elevated service standards.

We of Soleneon are extremely proud of this prestigious collaboration, consisting of the designing, the realization and the installation of led signs and lightboxes at "Somaglia Est's" (Lodi) Comfort Area and Fast Area and "Crocetta Sud's" (Alessandria) Comfort Area.

For this project, we have combined the rules of design with the ones of practicality: the result is a functional elegance able to lead you through Autogrill Più's services and to provide you with custom-tailored experiences!

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The new service areas