Trade services

The extreme flexibility and variety of our offer with the production of non-standardised LED signs was the basis for us becoming one of the leading trade suppliers in the industry. Industry professionals outsource work to us because they know we can design and produce the illuminated signs they want to install directly at their client's premises or finish in their own workshops.




  • Ready-to-install LED illuminated signs
  • Packaging and shipment in non-branded wooden crates that can be stacked on pallets
  • Design of wiring diagrams (on request)
  • Structural calculations for monoliths, totems, pylons and large illuminated signs (on request)
  • Fast, comprehensive after-sales service

As part of the ongoing efforts to hide the supporting structures for LED built up letters installed on building façades, we have invented a camouflaged channel with the following properties:


  • Hard to see
  • Supports built up and LED solid letters
  • Protects the LED cabling
  • Can easily be painted to emulate the façade finish or coated with a digital film/print
  • Easy to mount on a wall (including curved surfaces)
  • Cuts installation and maintenance time
Trade Services