Pirelli - forniture

From 2019 Pirelli and Driver have chosen Soleneon as a trusted partner for the external and internal characterization of the sales points. We take care of every phase, from design to supply, installation and maintenance. We supply illuminated and non-illuminated signs, totems, facade paintings and window stickers for the outside; furniture, visual merchandising, interior decorations for the interiors.

Lavoro più - interior decorations, visual merchandising and window stickers

External and internal characterization for the network of employment agencies "Lavoro più Spa"

Remax - interior decorations

Interior decorations, visual merchandising and directional signs.

Autogrill - Somaglia Est and Crocetta Sud

Internal characterization of the Autogrill Somaglia Est and Crocetta Sud store. For this project we have combined the rules of design with those of practicality: the result is functional elegance capable of visually guiding you to Autogrill services, helping to give an experience customer-friendly!