Retail signs Soleneon for the Esselunga supermarket in Viale Famagosta in Milan

It is a shop with 2500 square meters of sales area.

The project:

Design, production and installation of illuminated signs with built-up letters made with metal fronts and sides illuminated with indirect light installed on the facade and at the entrance, subject “Superstore”, “ESSELUNGA DI VIALE FAMAGOSTA”, “ESSELUNGA” and “Bar Atlantic”.

Drafting of an executive project of the electrical signage system, certified by a qualified technician.

 Our mission:

To offer a quality product where homogeneous brightness and energy savings are made possible thanks to a meticulous lighting design and a correct product realization. To always guarantee a professional installation. Soleneon only uses teams of professional installers and suitable lifting equipment.

Products used in the realization of the project::

Indirect light built-up letters, made with metal fronts and sides.